April 2016    Ideal Home Magazine - July 2016 Issue    London, UK

                                 Art Department - One week 

                                 Published Work: 7 double-spreads, 1 single-spread


Contributed to published magazine issue with the creation of several layouts | Worked to pre-existing guidelines and templates | Gained a better understanding of magazine production processes | Further advanced my understanding and implementation of Adobe InDesign.


Creative Experience


October 2015    Ideal Home Magazine - February 2016 Issue    London, UK

                                 Assistant Photographer / Assistant Set Designer

                                Published Work: 1 double-spread, 1 single-spread


Assisted photographer | Assisted set designer | Prop management | Learnt the importance of lighting | Experienced an insight into a friendly, professional, and productive work environment.


February 2013            BA Graphic Design - Gallery Show Opening         London, UK


Had control of the overall aesthetic of the gallery space | In charge of artwork layout and hanging | Spacial management due to limited wall and floor space.


December 2012            BA Graphic Design - Christmas Party             London, UK

                    Event Planner / Accountant

Leadership and communication with a large group of people | Delegation | Project Management | Money generating ideas and implementation | Large-scale budget management.